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Prof. Liyi Li



In 2012, Prof. Li was supported by the National Outstanding Youth Fund, and in 2013, he was hired as a Changjiang Scholar by the Ministry of Education. In 2019, he was selected for the National Hundred Million Talents Project. Focusing on the major needs of the country and industry, He has been engaged in long-term research on special motors and special electromagnetic devices. Facing the needs of the chip manufacturing industry, relying on the 02 major scientific and technological special task, his team have solved the core problem of the "bottleneck" of the linear motor in the lithography machine workpiece stage system, which combines high precision and high dynamic characteristics. Prof. Li received 1 second prize of the National Technology Invention Award and 7 provincial and ministerial level awards such as the first prize of the Ministry of Education's Science and Technology Progress Award. He published a total of 328 academic papers, of which 151 were indexed in SCI. More than 80 patents have been authorized, 3 have won silver awards at the Invention Expo, and 10 have been transformed into technology applications in enterprises. Professor Li has undertaken over 30 national and ministerial level important scientific research projects.

Topic: Electrical Engineering Issues in Large Research Infrastructure

Abstrac:The National Major Science and Technology Infrastructure is a large-scale and complex scientific research system that aims to explore the unknown world, discover natural laws, achieve technological change, and provide extreme research methods, abbreviated as the " Large Research Infrastructure".  Large Research Infrastructure has strategic foresight and academic cutting-edge, and its construction process needs to break through the existing scientific and technological level. Space Environment Simulation and Rsearch Infrastructure involves many research fields in electrical engineering discipline. In terms of space magnetic environment, we have achieved the internationally leading zero magnetic index by breaking through quantitative analysis and optimization of dynamic magnetic equilibration of magnetic shielding, and magnetic circuit continuity design technology of large shielding structures. In terms of plasma, based on the electromagnetic characteristics of the black barrier effect, we adopt simulation technology that highlights the electromagnetic environment characteristics of the sheath of near space hypersonic aircraft to study key issues such as black barrier mitigation, special radar electromagnetic environment stealth, and signal enhancement. In terms of accelerators, magnet technology is definitely one of its strongest assistances. Through research on room temperature magnet technology, magnetic field measurement technology, and other aspects, nearly 10 sets of accelerator systems with different indicator characteristics have been constructed.